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Free Demo - Newest Edible Paint Sensation!

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We are so excited to be offering a Free Demo on Edible Art Decorative Paint by the very developer/creator, Miranda Piotrovska of Sweetsticks. The Free Demo is happening here on Saturday July 9th 11am - 12noon.

Miranda describes herself as a wife, a mum of two, a food lover, blogger, online store owner, recipe maker, presenter, no-bake baker and now a food paint developer/creator.

She says that she wears a lot of hats but we only live once and she wants to make sure she has no regrets in life. Miranda says her thought process is: at least I tried and what's the worst thing that could happen? It doesn't work? Cool, learn from it and take that experience into the next project. Miranda believes that all the dots do join up at the end of it all . She says that you have to create your dreams - they don't fall off trees.

The wonder of these new and exciting Edible Paints is that they can be used on all sorts of foundations including fondant, buttercream, royal icing, ganache, chocolate and modelling chocolate and will dry and be rub free very quickly! We all know how revolutionary and important that is! She will be demonstrating this to us at our studio on Saturday the 9th July.

Edible Art Decorative Paint 15ml can be applied with a sponge for larger areas and with a range of different brushes for more detailed work. This edible paint does not need thinning or mixing with any other ingredients. It's ready to use straight from the bottle. Once it has dried, the pigment is sealed within the surface. No fuss, no mixing, no dust, no smudges! These Edible Paints make it so easy to paint and are a must: whether your'e a beginner or a serious cake decorator.

Hurry to book in for this Free Demo on Saturday 9th July. Places are limited so be quick.